Shannon is a dynamic speaker who uses great humour and storytelling to engage audiences across Canada on the following topics:

Building a Kinder Culture

Whatever the culture in your organization – be it positive or negative – it is going to spread. Culture is contagious! Learn about the power of kindness and how it can impact your organization and ripple out into the community.

Lateral Kindness

Relationships matter. Kindness matters. While kindness won’t solve every problem, you cannot improve a relationship, group dynamic or culture without it.

Lateral Kindness – a BC First Nations’ concept and movement – promotes social harmony and healthy relationships. It is also a powerful way through which organizations can activate cultural safety: an outcome based on respectful engagement. 

Cultural Safety and Humility

Cultural safety is an ongoing process to actively work to make systems and spaces safer for Indigenous people. The only way to get to cultural safety is through cultural humility: a life-long process of self- reflection and self-critique to understand personal biases and to develop and maintain mutually respectful relationships based on mutual trust.

Reconciliation Through Kindness

Reconciliation. What is it? What does it mean? Why does it matter?

While none of us are responsible for what happened in the past, we all have a role to play in bringing reconciliation to reality with Indigenous peoples in Canada. To quote Senator Murray Sinclair, “Reconciliation is achieved only through acting differently.” Reconciliation starts with respectful relationships.

In this interactive keynote conversation, we will explore how kindness – a powerful medicine – can heal and strengthen our relationships.

Interested in other topics? Shannon would be pleased to customize a keynote for your audience.

“Shannon, you are the most exquisite and powerful knowledge keeper and ambassador of Cultural Safety and Humility. Your session was beyond excellent!!!”

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