Embracing Imperfection: A Revolution from Within

Calling all perfectionists, over-achievers and people pleasers (you know who you are)! Come join two “certifiable” mistake makers for a two day workshop that will show you how to embrace imperfection and make change happen by being accountable to your authentic self.  This workshop offers an in-depth approach to letting go of perfectionism and control, as well as leading a more connected and conscious life.




  • Learn the benefits of making mistakes and failing
  • Embrace your imperfection through understanding your triggers and those thoughts, values and beliefs that keep you “stuck”
  • Develop boundaries: Learn how to say no to others and yes to yourself


Learning Outcomes:

  • Be more accountable for your thoughts and actions
  • Reframe failure, perfection, control and forgiveness
  • Live your life according to YOUR beliefs and values


Participants will leave with a toolkit of knowledge, exercises and strategies which will enable them to be more effective on their authentic journey.


Testimonials from Past Participants:

“Simply transformative!”

“Shannon and Valerie led an amazing workshop – sincerely sharing their life stories and offering real insight into the subtle world of perfectionism. Their unique ‘take home’ tool kit and respectful six-month ‘check-in’ has helped me continue my process of change. I feel very fortunate to have begun my journey with their guidance and encouragement.”

“The workshop called “Embracing Imperfection” was mind blowing for me. Wow, one participant shouted out, yes wow. To feel that I am okay just as I am right now, this moment, that nothing about me needs to change to be loveable. That is humanity. That is compassion. That is my life from here on. Thanks to both Shannon and Valerie. I recommend this workshop for anyone who struggles in life and in particular to those who are perfectionists.”

“Embracing Imperfection is in depth workshop that helped me understand and recognize my triggers, thoughts and beliefs that have kept me stuck in unhealthy patterns for the past 50 years. Shannon and Valerie are knowledgeable and entertaining facilitators that provided a safe and stimulating environment for me to grow.”


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