What People are Saying

When I first met Shannon it was at a Federal Government sponsored Aboriginal event, and I immediately noticed how she was able to captivate an audience, not only with the detailed knowledge she possessed, but as well her speaking style.

Shannon has the uncanny ability to make everyone who is in the room feel as though she is talking to them individually, although she is directing her comments to everyone at the same time. To be honest, I have never met such a unique and knowledgeable person such as Shannon Beauchamp.

Her ability to motivate people and inspire them to want to do better is what I feel is the most amazing of all her characteristics. In fact, Shannon never ceases to amaze anyone she comes in contact with because of her immediate likability and her sincere dedication to help others and make them feel important.

Her impact on me personally and professionally has carried me through some very rough times in life, and continues to do so to this day. Shannon Beauchamp brings to the table personal and professional experience that is rare and would be considered extremely useful to any organization needing a consummate professional with a friendly and relaxing demeanour.

Raymond Buxton
Nicole Hajash, CAO
 “I was very happy to work with Shannon, finding people with her level of skill and knowledge in the area of First Nations governance and leadership is rare. She offered insight into strategic planning and workplace capacity development as well as offering an understanding of how First Nations people learn that was very much appreciated.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative 

Nicole Hajash, CAO Naut'sa mawt Tribal Council
I consider the opportunity to recommend Shannon Beauchamp an honour and privilege . Shannon has a unique mix of creativity, compassion, and capacity to solve complex issues. Those who read this recommendation may consider this my highest regard for Shannon and her abilities.
Donald B. Simpson Service Canada - Citizen Services Officer
Yancy Craig
Shannon is a strategic thinker with a strong policy background and vast experience in organizational and leadership development. As a public servant, she has led change initiatives that have served to improve education and health outcomes for First Nations youth. A clear and concise communicator, Shannon is a dynamic facilitator and can engage with a variety of stakeholders to achieve concrete results. Incredibly self motivated, Shannon can easily manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines through her drive and determination.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Shannon to any organization or individual that is looking to build  their leadership capacity or is looking to find creative and innovative solutions to business challenges.”
Yancy Craig Policy Analyst, Government of Canada
Shannon went above and beyond. She was well versed and experienced regarding the topics being addressed. She also provided recommendations and advise in response to my inquires on topics not directly related to the training provided. I would definitely sign up for any project she was involved with. Thanks Shannon, I am the better person for knowing you.

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

Walter Kendall Hired Shannon as a Career Coach
Shannon has extensive knowledge of Aboriginal issues. She has worked with First Nations, public servants and Aboriginal Elders to build relationships, organize training session for public servants on a variety of Aboriginal issues and leadership. She can coordinate events easily and has a very good network, which is an asset when working with First Nations and Aboriginal people.

She is a extraordinary communicator, facilitator. She can show up and present a topic in front of a group with minimal preparation. She is a real ‘natural’ when it comes to development of leadership skills. She knows how to listen and can transfer her knowledge by providing concrete examples and engaging the group.

Shannon is not afraid of taking on new challenges and working her way through with different clientele. She works autonomously in an effective manner but can also be a real team player – making the working climate around her a place where one wants to be.

Shannon has strong ethics and values: integrity, balance, leadership, respect for her colleagues and stakeholders.

I would recommend Shannon to any group or individual that needs to build leadership and management skills.

Annie Gail Sauve, Public Servant Government of Canada


We engaged the services of Shannon Beauchamp to train youth in presentation and facilitation skills in 2014. I am not sure I contain my praise for her work to one page. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, her collaborative style and her positive and enthusiastic approach. Shannon is an extremely bright individual who has the capacity and the good will to combine these abilities with an attitude of collaboration and receptiveness to others’ suggestions. I actually felt sad to think of how much farther along our project could have been had we known her sooner. Her training workshops were well prepared, collaboratively derived and professional from beginning to end. She was a great role model for the youth, giving them tips for staying on track as well as presentation skills. Her sense of humour made her a delight to work with and her incisive thinking improved the training enterprise. I would happily recommend her services to any project.
Dr. Jennifer Mullett Vancouver Island University