Kind Feedback

Testimonials for Lateral Violence and Lateral Kindness

Due to the sensitive nature of these workshops, names, organizations and/or communities are being withheld to ensure to privacy of participants.

“Thank you so much for all you do. You give me hope that true change is possible.” 

“I want to thank you for inspiring me to be better and to let go of hard feelings that I’ve carried for too long. Forgiveness leads to kindness. I have attended many workshops and facilitated countless others but I’ve never been so enlightened and entertained. You have a gift and it shines brightly. Thank you for sharing your magic and allowing me to grow.”

“The Lateral Kindness workshop was more cleansing than a sweat.”

“Powerful workshop! The tears flowed and my healing began.”

“Normally people come into our community and only focus on what’s wrong with us. Shannon flips lateral violence on its head and focuses on lateral kindness and what’s right with our communities and our people.”

“I did the 30-day kindness challenge and it worked! Wow! Just wow! It changed my relationship with a family member and I am grateful.”

“Thank you for positive approach on a tough subject. Your heart shows how much you’ve touched and moved us.” 

“Shannon, your wisdom and talents are true gifts of the Great Spirit. You are sacred.”

“Shannon is a dynamic facilitator and storyteller who balances heavy content and uncomfortable truths with sensitivity and at times with great humour.”

“You gave me words to understand my grandmother’s experience. Thank you.”

“So many a-ha moments!”

“On behalf of our team, I wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Shannon! She is an exceptional facilitator of a very important subject, and she did it so beautifully!”

“Playful, powerful, gifted. Shannon, you are an example of humility and kindness.” 

“Shannon, you have such a powerful presence and kind presence. It is evident how much you care.”

“After your workshop, I could really see how lateral violence impacts my family, in particular my father. I now have a better relationship with him because I no longer meet his anger with anger, but with empathy and compassion.”

“Shannon was one of the best facilitators I’ve ever been in the presence of. Thank you.”

“Shannon has an uncanny ability to create a safe place for participants to share personal stories. Shannon’s knowledge and life experiences directly influenced this subject matter – that’s why it was SO good.”

Testimonials for Cultural Safety and Humility

“I’ve been attending presentations on this topic for 30 years—many excellent.  None more compelling and effective than this one.”

“Shannon was amazing. Her ability to share her knowledge and experiences with openness and passion brought a contagious energy to her presentation. Although the facts she shared on Indigenous history and the inequities that persist to current day are disheartening (and often uncomfortable to discuss), she was able to inject humour at the appropriate time to keep up the group’s morale. Thank you, Shannon for your important work!”

“I just wanted to let you know I attended your lecture and it was the most impactful presentation I have ever attended. It has truly changed the way I see my First Nation patients and I thank you. I wish all health care practitioners could see your very important session on Cultural Safety, as I don’t know anyone that would not be affected and changed by it. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve attended four or five workshops on this topic in the past and this is the first time I understand why Cultural Safety matters!”

“Shannon’s energy, humour, knowledge and respect is amazingly refreshing. It was the best medicine needed and the best “training” I have received in 27 years at the Department. Keep up the great, encouraging and life-changing work, Shannon.”

“Moving, powerful, thought provoking!”

“Shannon, you are the most exquisite and powerful knowledge keeper and ambassador of Cultural Safety and Humility. Your session was beyond excellent!!!”

“Thank you, Shannon. Your session was very moving, educational and inspirational. You are a wonderful, supportive, funny, and very wise woman. I have learned so much from you.”

“This workshop should be taken by everyone who works with Indigenous peoples.”

Testimonials for De-escalating Conflict

“Shannon is an amazing facilitator. Her knowledge of the content, and caring demeanour made me feel very comfortable. I hugged her at the end and would take another course from her in a second.”

“Shannon is a knowledgeable and entertaining facilitator who provided a safe and stimulating environment for me to grow.”

“For such a difficult and sensitive subject, she made me feel open to the content. Shannon is very refreshing.”

“Thank you Shannon for all your hard work, your commitment to the facilitation you provide, and your strength.”

Consulting Testimonials

“I recently asked Shannon to facilitate a workshop on “Creating a Mission and Vision Statement for your Business” for my women’s group, WomenAlive. Shannon facilitated a comfortable, thought-provoking and useful session based on her years of experience in strategic planning. One of Shannon’s greatest strengths is her warm personality and storytelling style, which was very well received by our small group. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone wishing to work with a facilitator who makes them feel like they bring something of value to the table.”
Beth Cougler Blom

Beth Cougler Blom: Learning Design and Facilitation

“Shannon is a strategic thinker with a strong policy background and vast experience in organizational and leadership development. As a public servant, she has led change initiatives that have served to improve education, employment and health outcomes for First Nations youth. A clear and concise communicator, Shannon is a dynamic facilitator and can engage with a variety of stakeholders to achieve concrete results. Incredibly self motivated, Shannon can easily manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines through her drive and determination. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shannon to any organization or individual that is looking to build their leadership capacity or is looking to find creative and innovative solutions to business challenges.”
Yancy Craig

Aboriginal Innovator, Assembly of First Nations

“When I first met Shannon it was at a Federal Government sponsored Aboriginal event, and I immediately noticed how she was able to captivate an audience, not only with the detailed knowledge she possessed, but as well her speaking style. Shannon has the uncanny ability to make everyone who is in the room feel as though she is talking to them individually, although she is directing her comments to everyone at the same time. To be honest, I have never met such a unique and knowledgable person such as Shannon Beauchamp. She exihibts all the qualities that one needs to be a good leader, listener and at the same time always remarks how she always walks away from an interaction with groups of people having learned something very valuable. Her ability to motivate people and inspire them to want to do better is what I feel is the most amazing of all her characteristics. In fact, Shannon never ceases to amaze anyone she comes in contact with because of her immediate likability and her sincere dedication to help others and make them feel important. Her impact on me personally and professionally has carried me through some very rough times in life, and continues to do so to this day. Shannon Beauchamp brings to the table personal and professional experience that is rare and would be considered extremely useful to any organization needing a consummate professional with a friendly and relaxing demeanour.”
Raymond Buxton

Former Federal Government Indigenous Intern

“I consider the opportunity to recommend Shannon Beauchamp an honour and privilege. Shannon has a unique mix of creativity, compassion, and capacity to solve complex issues. Those who read this recommendation may consider this my highest regard for Shannon and her abilities.”
Donald B. Simpson

Former Federal Government Indigenous Intern

“Shannon has extensive knowledge of Aboriginal Issues. She has worked with First Nations, public servants and Aboriginal Elders, to build relationships, organize training session for Public Servants on a variety of Aboriginal Issues and leadership. She can coordinate events easily and has a very good network, which is an asset when working with First Nations and Aboriginal People. She is an extraordinary communicator, facilitator. She can show up and present a topic in front of a group without a minimal preparation. She is a real ‘natural’ when it comes to development of leadership skills. She knows how to listen and can transfer her knowledge by providing concrete examples and engaging the group. Shannon is not afraid of taking on new challenges and working her way through with different clienteles. She works autonomously in an effective manner but can also be a real team player – making the working climate around her a place where one wants to be.  Shannon has strong ethics and values: integrity, balance, leadership, respect for her colleagues and stakeholders. She also has a strong policy background. I would recommend Shannon to any group or individual that needs to build leadership and management skills.”
Annie Gail Sauvé

Learning Specialist, Canada School of Public Service