Hello! Aanii boozhoo,

My name is Shannon Beauchamp and my spirit name is Migizi-miigwanokwe (Eagle Feather Woman, she who brings harmony and balance to the people).

I am a woman of mixed ancestry. On my mother’s side, I am Ojibwe and Métis and my family comes from the Garden River First Nation and Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario. On my paternal side, I am Irish-Canadian. I now call Victoria, British Columbia my home.

I am a facilitator, a consultant, a coach, a kindness ambassador, a storyteller and a motivational speaker. I specialize in the areas of Lateral Kindness, Cultural Safety and Humility, Reconciliation, and values-based leadership.

My mission is to inspire and challenge people, organizations and Indigenous communities to realize their goals, values, strengths and potential.

My vision is to facilitate positive change and to inspire more kindness in the world.

My greatest achievement in life has been raising my daughter, Shining Moon Woman, to be kind, confident, resilient, and to ‘be the change’. She is my greatest teacher.

I look forward to connecting with you soon to explore how we can work together to imagine, inspire and realize your goals!