Leaders are Readers

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I truly believe reading is a gift. Books have the power to teach, heal, make you laugh, cry, take you on an adventure…. and if you’re into Fifty Shades of Grey, well, let’s go with *blush*!!

Over the last several years, people have asked me to suggest books so I’ve built a library of some Recommended Reads¬†through Amazon. I’ll soon be organizing my picks under the headings of:

  • Leadership development,
  • Personal enrichment and empowerment, and
  • Great reads — can you say Great Expectations, Middlesex, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Tuesdays with Morrie?


My first official book recommendation for you is Shift Happens: How to Live an Inspired Life… Starting Right Now! by Robert Holden.

An excerpt:

“Some people GO through life; and other people GROW through life.”

Self-acceptance is your number one goal in life. Why? Because for as long as you believe there is something unacceptable about you, you will push away love, you will sabotage success, you will unconsciously conspire against joy, you will struggle, and you will never really find out who you are or what you are really capable of.”

“Today, be willing to practice unconditional self-acceptance. Affirm “I am okay,” even if you can’t see it yet. Stop striving. Cease tampering with yourself. Trust in your goodness. Relax into your wholeness. Above all, be kind to yourself. You do not have to do anything good, right, or great to justify this kindness. Treat yourself the best you can so as to bring out the best in yourself. Shift happens with acceptance!

Be kind to yourself.”


Not bad, eh?



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